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Lifespring Habit 21

It takes 21 days to become a better version of yourself

Habit 21, a 21-Day Workout Challenge by Lifespring is an adherence to make physical health important by moving your body for an hour each day for the 21 days in efforts to form a new healthy habit. Our goal at Lifespring is to help you find out what is best for your body by keeping out the uproar of our society and tuning into the needs of your body.

Let's Get Started

Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health. Physical activity can increase your balance and coordination, and help you lose weight. If you are new to fitness, or want to get back into exercising and need a challenge that eases you in, Lifespring's Habit 21 is perfect for you!

Why Is It Important To Take This Challenge?

Habit 21 Challenge will remind you why you should workout. Exercise is so much more than a means to achieve a "toned body". This 3 week challenge is designed to make you feel energized, capable, and strong. There's a more important reason to exercise: it makes you feel great. Good mental health is just as important as good physical health. So while this routine might get you closer to physical goals, it can also bring about invisible differences.

This Habit 21 is planned for all fitness levels, so just choose the exercise and cardio variations that are best for you. Trying to make exercise a lifelong habit? Use these three weeks as a jumping-off point.

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